How do I Inflate my TRAINERball?

How do I  Inflate my TRAINERball?

Locate where the pin is on the ball. Remove the pin by gently lifting it out, then take your pump and put it inside the hole, use the pump to inflate it until it's pretty firm. There should be minimal "give" when pushing on the ball.   Remove the pump and quickly put the pin back in.  The ball should come up to an area around your knees

The more that is inflated the easier that it will be for you to do your exercises properly. The more air that you put in your ball the more instability you will have making the exercises more difficult so if you're looking for an exercise ball that maybe is more difficult you'll want to increase how much air you put in. In order to make those exercises less difficult just remove the pin and take off a little bit of air.

For faster inflation, we recommend using an electric pump or gas station pump.  Then use the hand pump for desired firmenss.

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