Stretch At Your Desk


Need a pick me up while at work? Take a quick break and reinvigorate with the TRAINERmat Mouse Pad. This mouse pad is more functional than most as it serves as a guide for a perfect at-you-desk stretch workout.

As featured this month in Shape Magazine, the TRAINERmat Mouse Pad features nine stretches that can be done right at your desk to keep you going throughout your long workday. Desk stretches include the shoulder roll, upper arm stretch, wrist stretch, and scapular squeeze, just to name a few. These stretches were specifically selected to be performed at your desk and will not only provide for an energizing break in your workday but also designed to help minimize risk of injury. By performing these stretches regularly you are sure to reduce stress, risk of injury and enjoy a clearer mind. And of course it feels good to do something for yourself, so be share to take that much deserved break with the TRAINERmat Mouse Pad.

What do you do at work to recharge?

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