Three Reasons You Should Practice Prenatal Yoga


1. Practicing Yoga is a great way to stay in shape during a pregnancy. It promotes strength and muscle tone with little impact on the joints, all while improving balance and circulation.

2. The deep breathing practiced in Yoga is a helpful tool to calm the body during labor. During labor as the pains become worse the body becomes tenser and produces less Oxytocin, a natural hormone that aids in the progression of labor. The breathing techniques mastered during prenatal Yoga work to relax the body and may help speed the labor process.

3. Consistent Yoga practitioners will experience an improvement in their flexibility, which will be a useful tool during labor and may even help to lessen labor pains.

TRAINERbrands makes a self-guided maternity Yoga mat that would be ideal for any expecting mother to take advantage of during her pregnancy. The mat features 26 detailed illustrations of Yoga exercises determined to help expecting mothers stay fit and help prepare the body for labor. The mat also comes with a DVD so it is ideal for beginners, but if you’re a Yoga pro you can simply use the instructions on the mat. The best feature about this product is that the exercises being directly printed on the mat allow the mommies to practice Yoga anytime at their own convenience and in privacy if that’s what they prefer. TRAINERbrands pregnancy mat gives those expecting a fun, easy, and affordable way to stay fit.

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