TRAINERbrands Trainer Diego Currier


Diego K. Currier is an innovative trainer with a lot of experience in the fitness industry. He represents one of those who have chosen fitness as a lifestyle.

Currier has trained in various states around the United States (Vermont, New Jersey, Arizona, Utah, and California where he currently resides and trains some of Hollywood’s elite). Diego has also trained in Corrientes, Argentina - his other “home.”

Training with Currier is a unique experience due to his attention to detail and to overall wellness. He assures that his clients know that to be “healthy” is a combination of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness. Health is a lifestyle. He has always customized routines for his various types of clients (men, women, children, professional athletes, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, models, and people of all ages with their rehabilitationand other special needs). He has several clients who have won championships in natural bodybuilding and power lifting competitions and have credited his work.

Currier has earned various certifications in personal training, group fitness, and specialized techniques (kickboxing, plyometric training, golf, sports conditioning, and others). His most current certificationis with the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA). He continues to study on his own and attends national fitness seminars that focus on various advanced training techniques (strength and power, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, balance and proprioception, and functional training).

Currier says that he is a “geek” when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and program development and he credits his father for all of his success in the fitness industry. “Without my dad, I don’t know that I would have had any of these opportunities. He got certified by (ACE) American Council on Exercise just to teach me the proper movements and form. I read and memorized his study materials and started working at a gym by the age of 15.” He likes to read everything he can in his field and says that he’ll never stop learning. His adaptive training style has always been “ahead of the rest.” He has invented exercises, programs, and fitness training tools, and he is blessed in having the opportunity to work with TRAINERbrands to watch some of his inventions and creative designs come to life. Currier’s visionary training styles have been adapted through many years of training in a wide range of competitive sports. He has won and placed in the top five in many natural bodybuilding competitions, including holding the title of Mr. Rhode Island in the NABF in 2003. He has won state titles in power lifting and has played and competed in various competitive sports (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiujitsu). Currier’s main goal is in improving the individual’s overall balance with a greater vision of complete wellness.

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