Your Yoga Your Way


Yoga relaxes the mind, calms the nerves, all while strengthening the body. It’s no wonder that yoga studios are most likely popping up in your community like flowers in springtime. While the classes can be a lot of fun and a great place to meet future friends with similar interest, the times of the classes do not always easily coincide with the average work or school schedule.

With the Yoga TRAINERmat you have a fully instructed yoga class at your convenience. The mat contains 27 yoga poses and holding instructions printed directly on the mat. This means that you can center yourself anytime day or night. In the comfort of your own living room you can dim the lights, play some tranquil music, and concentrate on your balance in peace. You can even turn up the heat in the room and make it a hot yoga session which promotes both weight-loss and strength.

If you want to spice it up even more you can take your TRAINERmat on location. So this summer grab your yoga TRAINERmat and take it to the beach or the park and get fit in the beautiful weather. Standing in the tree position, breathing deeply, feeling the crisp summer air breeze past your face can prove to be a refreshing workout. You can even get a group of friends together and workout at the beach with your TRAINERmats together. Accompany that with a group date to the local smoothie bar after and that makes it a party!!

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