How Yoga Can Help Improve Your Child’s Development


If you think of words to describe your child focus, stillness, and balance are probably not that first ones that come to mind. Children are known and loved for their enormous amounts of energy and continual excitement for everything that is new. And even though we admire this quality it is important to make sure that your child has the ability to remain focused and attentive if required. For those parents looking for a way to improve your child’s concentration and body awareness Yoga may be the answer for you. Researchers say that Yoga for children helps improve their flexibility, health, and balance among many other things. With the TRAINERmat Yoga mat for kids you can easily practice Yoga with your little one in the comfort of your own home.

When doing Yoga with your child it is important to realize that it will not be like most of the Yoga classes you have been to as an adult, meaning totally silent with the only the teacher talking to give instructions. When you’re doing the yoga activity with your child it is important to think of yourself as more of a facilitator than a teacher. Guide him or her in to the positions keeping in mind what is comfortable for him or her. Also try to incorporate some words and sounds in to the movements to give your child a deeper connection with the poses. For example during the downward dog pose you can ask him or her to bark like a dog or during the lion pose to roar like a lion. Adding interactive elements like this will keep your child engaged as well give them a better understanding of how Yoga honors nature.

So you can eliminate the expensive fitness classes that are out there for kids now and replace it with Yoga. The beauty of having the TRAINERmat kids Yoga edition is not only do you save money when you buy it but it also gives you precious time to bond with your child. It’s a time when all the video games, reality shows, computer screens, and cell phones can be turned off. In our over stimulated society it would be greatly beneficial to take an afternoon off from the gadgets and practice some Yoga with the little ones you love the most.

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