Core Issues?


Everyone owns a fitness ball of some kind - swiss ball, medicine ball, core ball, balance ball - but not everyone who owns them knows exactly what to do with them. Exercise equipment is always good to have, but the know-how is what is priceless. Some people go to personal trainers for this knowledge, but TRAINERbrands has another, less expensive solution.

With the TRAINERball for Core Strength you can get that great core workout that the ball is designed for in the convenience of your own home. With 12 illustrated exercises printed around the TRAINERball for Core Strength, your abs will start to be in the shape you want in a matter of weeks.

TRAINERbrands has made working out your core the easiest and most convenient experience. The TRAINERball for Core Strength with illustrated exercises comes with its own pump and DVD. Free instructional videos are also offered, here, on our website to ensure correct training on how to make your core the best. Depending on your height, you can choose from either a 55 cm ball or 65 cm ball for the best possible core workout (we suggest the 65 cm for customers 5’6 and over). You can be sure that you are using an effective and safe product with its physician certified stretches and anti burst technology.

With TRAINERball for Core Strength with illustrated exercises, the only thing you will lose is your love handles. This TRAINERbrands product is a safe, effective, and extremely helpful tool that will guide you to the core you have always wanted.

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